Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party:
Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

The Thanksgiving mystery with a tasty plot. Chef Ramsey Gordon's special turkey recipe made his Golden Gobbler restaurant famous. When the oven in his personal kitchen explodes, his culinary career comes to a resounding halt.

6 Role Players: 3 men, 3 women
MANY MORE can investigate the case

He was world-renowned for his gourmet turkey dinners. Chef and restaurant owner Ramsey Gordon attracted food aficionados from everywhere to his fine-dining establishment, The Golden Gobbler. Known to be a tyrant of a boss and an ill-mannered business associate, his recipe for turkey had remained a secret for years, despite the protestations of those who proclaimed that the ingredients and formula for such a succulent dish should be shared with everyone.

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Last night, Gordonís restaurant was to have been jam-packed with hungry customers, waiting for the chance to devour his famous main course. Yet, it was not to be. The famished fowl feasters were unexpectedly told the sad news that Gordon was dead, the victim of an unfortunate accident.

For earlier yesterday, while lighting his personal oven - the one only he was allowed to use - an explosion rocked the restaurant, putting an untimely end to the career of the duke of the drumstick. The circumstances were suspicious enough that authorities investigated and proclaimed the death to be not an accident, but a well-calculated homicide.

Who would have done away with the wizard of the white meat with Thanksgiving in the air? And what of the secret recipe? Was it written down and stored in a safe spot, or would it vanish from the earth forever? Would The Golden Gobbler remain at the top of the restaurant heap or would Gordonís death signal the end of a legendary gastronomic treat? Only sound logic and expert sleuthing skills would solve the case and ensure that no clues would be left over.



One of these suspects is a murderer ...

Halliday Feast
Rival restaurateur. Gordon worked for Feast until starting his own restaurant three year ago. Feastís clientele has slowly been moving its patronage to the "The Golden Gobbler."

Sue Shafinski
The sous chef. Sue was hand-picked by Gordon to be his number two at the restaurant. She and Gordon have had several loud arguments that could be heard throughout the restaurant.

Gabby Goble
Turkey farmer. Heís been supplying turkeys to "The Golden Gobbler" since Gordon opened the doors of the restaurant. Lately, Gordon has been questioning the quality of his birds.

Thomasina Torquay
Author of "The Tantamount Turkey Cookbook." She guaranteed to her publisher that Gordonís turkey recipe would be in the next edition of her cookbook, scheduled for release next year.

Grant Barry Soose
Maitreíd. Heís worked for some of the finest restaurants in the city and adds a touch of class to the establishment, but has never before received the type of abuse leveled at him by Gordon.

Winifred Nerry
Owner of Mayflower Vineyards. "The Golden Gobbler" has been featuring her wines on the menu. Rumor has it that Gordon had struck a deal with another wine producer.

Order Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Party Kit: Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

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