Preteen Mystery Party:
The Chocolaty Case of the
Costume Conspiracy

Preteen Mystery Party Game Kit: The Chocolaty Case of the Costume Conspiracy

by Barbara Lane
. Mrs. McGreedy's double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake is always a hit at the annual costume party. This year, someone stole and ate it before it could be served. Can you solve the case?

 9 Suspects: 4 girls, 5 boys
                                      MANY MORE can investigate the case

Once a year at Sweet County Elementary School, everyone in the whole school—kids and teachers alike — throws a party in the school gym. None of the other schools has ever had a party that’s as much fun as the party at Sweet County Elementary. That’s because it’s a costume party! Most of the kids prepare weeks in advance. They create all kinds of costumes — cats and dogs, clowns, pirates, and even ghosts!

Everyone in the first, second, and third grades makes their own costumes for the party — even the teachers! There’s a best-costume contest, music, games, fruit punch, pizza and, best of all…cake! But not just any kind of cake - it’s Mrs. McGreedy’s homemade, warm and fluffy, sweet and yummy double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake.

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Most of the kids are scared of Mrs. McGreedy, but they’ll do just about anything for some of her double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake. Mr. Snackums, the school principal, never lets anyone eat sweets at school — except at the costume party. So that makes the party even more fun!

This year’s party began the same as every other year’s party, with Mr. Snackums on the stage telling a joke…

"Hey kiddos! Do you know why the students ate their homework?" he asked.

"Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!" he chuckled.

Nobody laughed. So, Mr. Snackums told Mrs. McGreedy it was time to start the games.

All the kids went crazy! Game time!

Everyone started to move toward Mrs. McGreedy, talking excitedly, when all of a sudden, the lights went out! In the dark, all the kids started yelling and laughing while the teachers tried to quiet them down. With a swish-crash-clatter, Mrs. McGreedy finally got to the switch and turned the lights back on, but oh what a mess!

Over at the snack table, the punch bowl had crashed to the floor and spilled fruit punch all over the floor. The white table cloth was gone, and Mrs. McGreedy’s double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake had disappeared—the whole thing! All that was left was an empty cake pan ! Who would ever dream of doing this and why would that person want to spoil the party?

A special team of investigators has been assembled to solve this mystery and figure out what happened to Mrs. McGreedy’s warm and fluffy, sweet and yummy double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake! They won’t leave until they solve the case.


One of these suspects knows what happened:

MR. SNACKUMS, Principal
He was dressed as a farmer and only likes his students to eat healthy food.

MRS. McGREEDY, Teacher and Baker
She was dressed like a friendly granny and only bakes the cake once a year. Sometimes thinks the students don't appreciate it.

MISS SAPPY, New Teacher
She wore a blue fairy costume and has a real sweet tooth.

She was wearing a cat costume. But why was she hiding under the table when the lights came back on? 

He was in a dog costume and was eating everything in sight.

He was dressed as a clown - and was really acting the part at the party.

She thought that no one would suspect a girl would come dressed as a pirate. Everyone knows a pirate likes to steal things.

No one knows why he came dressed as a ghost - especially since he's scared of the dark.

He arrived late to the party and also wore a ghost costume that looked like it was thrown together quickly.

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