Preteen Mystery Party:
The Ghostly Case of the
Haunted Amusement Park

Preteen Mystery Party Game Kit: The Ghostly Case of the Haunted Amusement Park

A FUN-FILLED MYSTERY FOR 9-12 YEAR OLDS by Andrew West. It's not often that someone is so scared that his hair turns white. But, that's what happened to Mayor Siggy Hall. What do you think caused it?

 8 Suspects: 4 girls, 4 boys
 MANY MORE can investigate the case

The rumble of the roller coaster was heard for miles around, and every house in the area could smell cotton candy. The Seashell Cove Amusement Park was in full swing yesterday, and the whole town had showed up for a day of fun and excitement. Children screamed as they whirled around on the rides, adults winced at the prices and everyone seemed to be carrying an oversized cuddly toy. All were having a great time, until suddenly an announcement boomed over the loudspeakers:

"The amusement park is now closed. Please make your way to the nearest exit."

Everyone groaned. It was only 8:30 p.m., why were they being thrown out? Then something strange happened. A crowd gathered outside the Ghost Train, one of the parkís most popular rides, and in the center of the crowd sat the Mayor, Siggy Hall. The people weren't staring at him because he was sitting in a puddle. They weren't even staring at him because his eyes were wide open with shock. Amazing! His once-plush blonde hair had turned completely, astonishingly, white.

Word soon spread that, just minutes before, the Mayor had entered the darkness of the Ghost Trainís scary building, riding with the park's owner. Something terrible had obviously taken place.

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The town doctor stepped forward from the crowd, examined the Mayor, and announced that something incredibly frightening must have happened. He'd read about people's hair turning white through fright, but had never actually seen it  before.

What happened to the Mayor on the Ghost Train? Some people think the ride might be haunted. Others suspect foul play. What really took place? It needs to be figured out. Ferris Wheeler, the owner of the amusement park, has called in a team of investigators. It's a safe bet that somebody knows exactly what happened to the Mayor. Now, itís up to the investigators to solve the case.


One of these suspects committed the crime:

It's up to the Mayor to renew the park's lease and Ferris thinks he might not do it.

CAROL SELL, Businesswoman
She wants to get the land and build a shopping mall on it.

RYDEN HIGH, Ride Operator
He's in charge of the Sky Soarer. For some reason, he ran it faster than normal when the Mayor took a ride.

AVA BANANA, Ticket Taker
She worked in a circus before being hired by the amusement park. 

NUTSON BOLTS, Maintenance Man
He knows everything about how the machines in the park work.

KRISTA LABALL, Fortune Teller
She read the Mayor's palm and made an interesting prediction about what would happen to him.

SAMMY UNDERLING, Aide to the Mayor
He knows he would be in charge if only the mayor would quit.

ISABELLA RINGIN, Ava's Adopted Daughter
She'd do anything to make sure that Ava keeps her job.

Order Preteen Mystery Party Game Kit: The Ghostly Case of the Haunted Amusement Park

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