New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party:
Murder Plays a Sour Note

New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party Kit: Murder Plays a Sour Note

A 1950s mystery that welcomes the new year with a bang. The Pitz Supper Club in the Windy City is the place to be on new year's eve. As Lou Gumbardo prepares to lead his orchestra in a rendition of "Auld Lang Syne," shots ring out - and someone dies.

8 Role Players: 4 women, 4 men
MANY MORE can investigate the case


It's New Year's Eve at The Pitz, the city's most famous (or is it infamous?) supper club. The usual mix of customers, some noteworthy and some notorious, decorate the tables that surround the crowded dance floor. Everyone in the gregarious group of rarified revelers hoists a glass of champagne and readies their noise makers preparing to celebrate the arrival of the year 1955. 

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As the clock strikes midnight, Lou Gumbardo and his band, "The Loyal Geraniums," begin the familiar strains of Auld Lang Syne. The moment has arrived - a new year that promises to continue the post-war boom of the Eisenhower administration.

Suddenly, without warning, the club is in darkness and, amid the rumbling of the assembled guests, three shots ring out. When the lights go on again, it's deadly obvious that the darkened room provided a killer with the opportunity to put a strategic bullet hole into a surprised victim. Someone had dictated the dastardly demise of an individual whose brief glimpse of the new year proved to be a fatal attraction.d as a "royal flush."


One of these individuals is a victim and one is a murderer ...

Lou Gumbardo 
Band leader of "The Loyal Geraniums." For the past ten years, his band has been a New Year's Eve fixture at The Pitz. 

Roxy Romano  
Owner of The Pitz and former dancer. Roxy has worked hard to make her establishment the number one supper club in the city. 

Giovanni Fishi 
Reputed mob boss. Although he supposedly runs a successful string of dry cleaning shops, its common knowledge that his income comes from other sources.

Mary Rose Looney 
Songstress. She's been with "The Loyal Geraniums" for the past three years and plans on leaving the band to start her own musical career.

Sammy Fenetra 
Singer. He and Mary Rose used to be "a thing," but recently the duets have become solos.

Betty "Boom Boom" Baxter 
Drummer. She's famous for her talent in making percussion come alive. Sometimes she drowns out the rest of the band with her downbeats.

Tony "Ivory" Ivanski 
Pianist. He tickles the keys and makes them roar with laughter. Who'd want to shoot him? After all, he's only the piano player. 

Shirley Fedora 
Hat check girl. She runs the cloak room and knows what everybody's coat and hat looks like.

Richmond Dalley 
Mayor of the city. He's been running things for over two decades. If you're not part of his machine, you might as well be invisible.

Order New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party Kit: Murder Plays a Sour Note

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