Mystery Writing Boot Camp

Discover the Secrets of Murder Mystery Party Writing when you join a Select Inner Circle of Wordsmiths in a Haunted Victorian Mansion with a Mysterious Past.

And, if you write a Winning Whodunit, you'll attend the World Premiere of your literary creation In a Real 1920s Speakeasy!


Look who has ties to the Brumder Mansion!


Al Capone: Mystery Writing Boot Camp
"Scarface" Al Capone


Greta Garbo


Hattie McDaniel



Take a look inside the Brumder Mansion!












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At the Boot Camp, you can write your very-own murder mystery party. Budding mystery writers from across the nation will grace the hallways and passages of the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee while finalizing the scenarios of unforgettable murder mystery plots.

The Brumder Mansion has a - shall we say - checkered past, one that you'll want to know more about. It was built in 1910 by publisher George Brumder who died shortly thereafter. Ten years later, it was sold to gangster Sam Pick, an associate of Al Capone's, who oversaw a variety of illegal activities from inside its walls.

Yes, it is also a HAUNTED HOUSE. Psychics and mediums have reported the supposed presence of a plethora of ethereal spirits within the mansion. What better place to construct a murder mystery? Just go to YouTube, search for "Brumder Mansion", and you'll see what I mean.


At the Mystery Writing Boot Camp, you will spend three exciting days with other sleuthing aficionados. As a group, we'll brainstorm motive, means and opportunity while we refine your plot. I'll be there the entire time to share with you my (gulp!) 33 years of experience in putting together well-crafted murder mysteries.

Here's what you'll get when you register for the Mystery Writing Boot Camp:

  • A copy of my Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System ($89 value). If you already own it, you'll be receiving a separate email with a special premium available only to you. Preview the workbook by clicking HERE.
  • Three of my mystery parties ($149.31 value). You can pick the ones you want at the Boot Camp.
  • Individual guidance and support as you finalize your own Murder Mystery, and the chance to share ideas with your fellow mystery writers (priceless).
  • The warmth and friendliness of a small bed and breakfast with a notorious past. The Brumder Mansion on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee is an architectural jewel, boasting a past that will make your sleuthing head spin. (equally priceless).

Here's a PREVIEW of the Boot Camp!
It was recorded LIVE at the Brumder.
("Mr. Body" is played by Tom Carr, the owner of the mansion.)

AND . . .

One talented person who writes a winning script could return to the mansion to be in the audience as The Milwaukee Entertainment Group, a troupe of professional actors, brings the plot to life!

The lower level of the Brumder Mansion was a real-life speakeasy during Prohibition and now regularly hosts murder mystery events.

If selected, your whodunit will be a feature presentation.

Your expenses to Milwaukee will be paid and you'll spend two nights at the mansion so you can attend the world premiere of your murder mystery.

During the Boot Camp, the troupe will be performing a murder mystery in the speakeasy. You'll be able to attend a performance and rub shoulders with the actors as you see for yourself how they handle an intriguing plot.

What a BONUS - and what fun!

The Speakeasy at the Brumder Mansion

PLUS, take a look at our recent mystery writers and hear what they had to say about my Mystery Writing Book Camps.

Craig Williams and Linda Grote of Hutchinson, Kansas returned home with a
new whodunit "Murder is Worth a Thousand Words," for the Family Community Theater.

Craig                                                          Linda

This Mystery Writing Boot Camp was a whirlwind of creative plots, twists and turns with Wayne Munn of Waukegan, IL, Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta (in disguise sans beard), Mary Jo Woods of Escondido, CA and mother/daughter mystery writing team Laurel and Elizabeth Kashinn.

Mary Jo                                            Laurel                                             Elizabeth     


The six guest rooms at the mansion all have their own individual personalities. AND, you'll receive a 10% discount on your room when you tell Julie or Tom Carr (the innkeepers) that you're a Mystery Writer.

Call them at (414)342-9767 to find out more about the mansion. All six rooms are on hold for the Mystery Writing Boot Camp. When they're gone, you'll be locked out of this amazing event.

Just take a look at the Brumder Mansion's website to see how this renovated gem of a building adds the perfect touch to a mystery writer's inspiration. At the Mystery Writing Boot Camp, you'll also be treated to tours and be directed to local culinary delights that will accentuate your once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The registration fee is only $497. You'll pay your own expenses and might even want to stay an extra day or two to tour the pleasures of the surrounding area.

Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport is only 15 minutes away, but some people might prefer to fly into Chicago or Madison. Since you'll be staying over a weekend night, you'll be able to find a great fare.

Our select group of writers will be STRICTLY LIMITED TO SIX SCENARIOS. That way everyone will have the chance to share suggestions and story ideas.

You can bring a second person to the Boot Camp who'll share your accommodations, but you'll only be able to work on ONE mystery. Your writing associate can attend the entire event for a special fee of $297 - a TOTAL of $794 for both of you.

As always, I am available in my Subterranean World Headquarters here in Cedarburg at (262)377-7230. I will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Bookmark this site and get ready for a premier mystery writing experience.


Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector

Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector



AND, here are more mystery writers who have perfected their plots at a Mystery Writing Boot Camp!

I really enjoyed the boot camp and appreciate all you did to make it so fun and extremely helpful! Your wisdom, hospitality, and personable personality made it absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
   Luane Baker,
Bondurant, IA


Cyndi Johnston, Salina, OK


Mary Surber, Pryor Creek, OK



Michele Olson, Green Bay, WI

MSI, PO Box 191, Cedarburg, WI 53012,