Teen Mystery Party:
The Rocking Case of
the Missing Music

Teen Mystery party Game Kit: The Rocking Case of the Missing Music

A MUSICAL MYSTERY FOR 12-15 YEAR OLDS by Andrew West. The Screaming Pixies concert can't go on because the Gray Ghost, lead guitarist Striker Chord's fables instrument has been stolen. Who could be the thief?

8 Suspects, 4 girls, 4 boys
                                     MANY MORE can investigate the case

At the end of every school year, Rolling Hills High School holds a music concert. Students and teachers can perform, and there's always a special guest. There was huge controversy when it was revealed that The Screaming Pixies had been booked to appear. The students love them, but their loud rock music isn't very popular with the parents.

To make matters worse, the previous week the Screaming Pixies sacked their lead guitarist, Screech Holler, and replaced him with Striker Chord, who previously played rhythm guitar. Screech immediately declared himself a solo artist.

Mrs. Trends, the school principal, had made all the arrangements with Screech personally, so had no choice but to book both performers for the concert she couldn't let the students down, after all. This only added to the concerns, and the local newspaper, the Herald, sent one of its reporters to cover the event.

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The school was buzzing on the day of the concert, and everybody was waiting for the concert to begin at 2:30.

Then, at 1:30, an announcement was made over the school loudspeakers:

"This afternoon's concert has been postponed. Please remain in your classrooms."

Word quickly spread that Striker's fabled guitar,  the Gray Ghost, had been stolen!

The last confirmed sighting of the guitar was at 12:00 and the discovery was made just after 1:00 something happened to it in that hour. Mrs. Trends has called in a team of investigators to get to the bottom of the mystery. There are eight obvious suspects, and one or more of them must be guilty. Time is of the essence!


One of these suspects stole the Gray Ghost:

STRIKER CHORD, Guitarist for the Screaming Pixies
His father gave him the Gray Ghost. Why would he want to make it look like the guitar was stolen?

SCREECH HOLLER, Former Screaming Pixie
His solo act hasn't yet taken off.

PEARL CUSHION, Drummer for the Screaming Pixies
She and Screech were seen talking to each other after Screech left the group.

HEAT, Lead singer of the Screaming Pixies
He and Screech always seemed to be arguing.

BAMBI EYES, The Screaming Pixies' biggest fan
She was disappointed when Screech left the group.

RIFF STRUMMER, Music teacher at the high school
He used to be a rock musician and now collects classic guitars.

MRS. TRENDS, Principal at the high school
She was concerned that the high school would get a lot of bad publicity because of the rock concert.

She's always looking for a good story . . . even if she has to help fabricate it

Order Teen Mystery party Game Kit: The Rocking Case of the Missing Music

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