Complete List of Murder Mystery Party Kits

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Murder is Par for the Course

The mystery for your country club or golf buddies. Golf champion Holin Wunn is at the top of his game when he takes on the women's champ. His past catches up with him, though - right in the middle of his backswing.

Happy Deathday to You

The mystery that make your birthday party explode with excitement. Billionaire businessman Ronald Stump is celebrating his 50th birthday in the Stump Tower high above New Metro. Who would murder him on such a happy occasion?

Death is a Cabernet, Ol' Chum

The classic touch to your next wine and cheese party. Noted ill-tempered vintner Malcolm Melee is murdered after the reception celebrating his tenth year in business. Perhaps, his past came back to look him in the vine.

Death in them thar hills

HOME and LARGE-GROUP VERSIONS available. Gold mine owner, Dusty Jones, is being honored by the citizens of Cactus Gulch when he falls over dead. Many people in the crowd have a reason for wanting to see Dusty eliminated.

Hulas and Homicide

The murder mystery for your summer luau. Hula legend, Winnie Waheli's body, is found on Kikiwai Beach early on the morning of the annual hula contest. Winnie has made many enemies through the years.

Death Bemoans Her

An All-Woman Mystical Murder Mystery. The rich and famous members of the Gazillionaire Girls Group are meeting aboard Bertha Brothert's yacht, The Perfection. The morning light reveals the body of one of the women in the water.

Murder on the Petulant Express

A 1930s thriller for a unique party. Industrial giant Peter Petulant is found dead in the Presidential Car of his famous train. With World War II on the horizon, the suspects include a menagerie of international celebrities.

Quicker Than The Eye

The Mystery that shuffles the cards and deals out death. His amazing card tricks meant he had fans around the world. But Roberto Clappini would meet his fate after a performance that no one would ever forget.

Holiday-Themed Murder Mysteries

Love Writes a Deadly Verse

HOME and LARGE-GROUP VERSIONS available. It's the Valentine's Day meeting of The Poets Turntable and the members are sharing their new love verses. But, one of the poets is murdered right in the middle of the gathering.

Murder Most Green

A St. Patrick's Day mystery for the wearin' of the green. Patrick Flaherty is known for the shamrocks he raises at his expansive plant nursery in the town of Blarney. This morning, his body was found in the pond at the rear of the property.

Death Plays a Role

A theatrical St. Patrick's Day mystery. Irish actress Eileen Sullivan is premiering a new play written written by playwright Pader O'Connor when her death scene proved to be all too real. The emotional thespian has, it seems, faced her final curtain.

Lurking Down the Bunny Trail

The perfect murder mystery party for your special springtime event. This mystery takes place in Hoplando and revolves around the intrigues at the bunny breeding operation of Barney Benson, the murder victim.

I Loathe a Parade

The mystery to highlight your Independence Day. Elmtown Mayor Joe Possumz is reviewing the annual 4th of July parade when he keels over dead. The mayor has many enemies, both personal and political. One of them ended his career.

The Disappearance of Death

A Halloween murder mystery with a magical plot. After an international tour, The Great Radinski, world-famous magician, has returned to Mystic Lake for a special Halloween performance before family and friends. But, his murder was no trick.

Evil Never Dies

A Halloween murder mystery with a grave ending. A century ago, a curse was placed on the Graves family by Evil-Eyed Emil. When Grimsby Graves is found dead, townspeople aren't surprised.

Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble

The Thanksgiving mystery with a tasty plot. Chef Ramsey Gordon's special turkey recipe made his Golden Gobbler restaurant famous. When the oven in his personal kitchen explodes, his culinary career comes to a resounding halt.

I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus

The mystery that makes a Yuletide memory. The department store Santa at Lacy's is so authentic looking that many people are certain he's the real thing. Except, that is, for the person who decided to end the life of Elmer Ellsworth.

Twas the Night Before Murder

A memorable touch to your Christmas celebration. On Christmas morning, the body of greeting card legend Norton Pole is found under the huge Christmas tree in the great room of his mansion. Those who are close to him are not surprised.

Murder Plays a Sour Note

A 1950s mystery that welcomes the new year with a bang. The Pitz Supper Club is the place to be on new year's eve. As Lou Gumbardo prepares to lead his orchestra in a rendition of "Auld Lang Syne," shots ring out - and someone dies.

Classic Murder Mysteries

Evil on the Beach

A 1920s Classic Mystery with a World War I plot. The Great War has been over for 10 years and comrades in arms are reuniting to share their memories. In the midst of the revelries, Russian poet Gregor Manov is murdered on the beach.

The Cat Screamed at Midnight

A 1930s Classic Mystery set in pre-War England. Newspaper publisher Sir Hugo Smythe Armbruster has made many enemies through the years, but no one would have thought that someone at his 70th birthday party would do the old boy in.

The Curse of the Comet

A 1940s Classic Mystery set in post-War Beverly Hills. Famed adventurer and archaeologist Myron Mason is the seeming victim of an ancient curse when the comet Hopkay returns to earth after a 400-year absence.


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