Teen Mystery Party:
The Deafening Case of
the Mountainside Inn

The Deafening Case of the Mountainside Inn

A MYSTERY FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS THAT SHOUTS FOR ATTENTION by Dilan Blue. The nightly rumble at the Creekey Inn annoys and puzzles everyone. What could be causing it and who is responsible for it?

9 Suspects: 3 girls, 6 boys
MANY MORE can investigate the case

For the last 24 hours, guests at the Creekey Inn--a large old mansion on the side of Shadow Mountain--have heard a noise they cannot identify.

It is described as a "low rumble" followed by a "bone-chilling blast of sound" that echoes through the entire inn, vibrating the walls and floors. More than one guest says it seemed as if "the inn is screaming." Since it was first heard, this noise has sounded between six and eight times - depending on which guest you ask.

Any time of the year, it can snow on the mountain and yesterday was no exception. The inn and its access road are now buried under a freak snowstorm that passed through the area. The guests cannot leave for fear of being trapped in the snow.

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This morning, the owner of the inn called the Shadowville police. Two officers were sent by snowmobile to the Creekey Inn and heard the noise themselves. The guests are desperate for someone to identify what the noise is before nightfall.


One of these individuals knows what's happening:

Homer Dumpling, the inn's owner, is a bit hard of hearing and doesn't know what the fuss is all about.

The Smart family is staying at the inn. They are guests at the inn every year. The husband, Richmond, is a successful businessman. His wife, Angora, spends her time with environmental causes. Their son, Jimmy, is a teenager. He likes to play pranks in town, and is well known to the police.

Helen Dearing is a world-famous test pilot who also comes to the inn every year. She’s broken the airspeed record twice in her career.

Zelma Deal buys and sells property. She’s eager to purchase the Creekey Inn and isn’t sure if she’ll remodel it or demolish it.

Rick Stranger is a poet who makes his living chopping trees into firewood.

Burr D. Wacher is a longtime resident of the inn--and the only one who stays year round.

Zargimoff Fantuzi is a foreign researcher doing a study on what scares people in this area. 

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