Complete List of Kids Mystery Party Kits


The Shocking Case of Mystery Manor

AN ALL-GIRL MYSTERY FOR 10-13 YEAR OLDS. As the clock struck midnight on her 13th birthday, Minnie Maxson was frozen in fear. Someone knows what happened. Can you solve the case?

The Perplexing Case of the Pilfered Pooch

A PRETEEN MYSTERY FOR 8-11 YEAR OLDS. Champion chocolate Labrador retriever Cocoa wins the Tadpole Grove dog show every year. But, not this time. Someone dognapped her the night before the big event. Who could it be?

The Terrifying Case of Strange Island

AN ALL-BOY TEEN MYSTERY FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS. Young Adventurers are stranded on a desert island. They think they are alone, but the sounds they hear could mean something different. Can you figure out what's going on?

The Ghostly Case of the Haunted Amusement Park

A FUN-FILLED MYSTERY FOR 9-12 YEAR OLDS. It's not often that someone is so scared that his hair turns white. But, that's what happened to Mayor Siggy Hall. What do you think caused it?

The Chocolaty Case of the Costume Conspiracy

A SWEET MYSTERY FOR 8-11 YEAR OLDS.  Mrs. McGreedy's double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake is always a hit at the annual costume party. This year, someone stole and ate it before it could be served. Can you solve the case?

The Blood-Curdling Case of the Buried Treasure

AN OUTDOOR TEEN MYSTERY FOR 12-15 YEAR OLDS. Many years ago, pirates buried their treasure in Buccaneer Valley. No one has been able to locate it because, legend says, a monster stands guard. What's really going on?

The Sticky Case of Chuckles the Clown

A CHALLENGING MYSTERY FOR 10-13 YEAR OLDS. Someone poured syrup in Eyestrain Falls' newest hit video game. Many people might have wanted to do it. Do you have the skills to identify the culprit?

The Tantalizing Case of the High-Tech Flavor Heist

A TASTY MYSTERY FOR 12-15 YEAR OLDS. The recipe for the new flavor from Sweet Time Ice Cream has been stolen. lots of people were around when it happened. Are you the one who'll solve the case?

The Rocking Case of the Missing Music

A MUSICAL MYSTERY FOR 12-15 YEAR OLDS. The Screaming Pixies concert can't go on because the Gray Ghost, lead guitarist Striker Chord's fables instrument has been stolen. Who could be the thief?

The Curious Case of the Lost Elephant

A CIRCUS MYSTERY FOR 9-12 YEAR OLDS. The circus is in town and Eloise the Elephant is the star of the show. But, somehow last night, Eloise disappeared from her cage. Can you find out what happened?

The Mysterious Case of a Quarterback in Space

A SPACE AGE MYSTERY FOR 12-15 YEAR OLDS. Star quarterback Kent Passerby is being relied upon to win the big game, yet it appears that a UFO had other ideas. What do you think happened?

The Deafening Case of the Mountainside Inn

A MYSTERY FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS THAT SHOUTS FOR ATTENTION. The nightly rumble at the Creekey Inn annoys and puzzles everyone. What could be causing it and who is responsible for it?

The Monstrous Case at the Seaside Inn

A WATERY MYSTERY FOR 11-14 YEAR OLDS. For hundreds of years, stories have circulated about a sea monster at Cranberry Cove. Now, someone has actually seen it. Can you figure out if it's real or just a hoax?

The Colorful Case of the Swiped Sunflowers

A SUMMERTIME MYSTERY FOR 10-13 YEAR OLDS. Clodhopper's Greenhouse is ready to unveil its new sunflowers. But, someone has broken into the greenhouse and whisked them away. What do you think took place?

The Hair-Raising Case of Rapunzel's Green Tresses

A THEATRICAL MYSTERY FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS. Everyone in Upstage Heights is excited about the new production of Rapunzel since the star's real hair will be used for the famous scene. But, who would dye it green?

The Sizzling Case of the Soccer Saboteur

AN ALL-GIRL MYSTERY FOR 11-14 YEAR OLDS. The championship soccer match is about to start. But, someone has put itching powder in Rebecca Goodkicks' shoes. Who would do such a thing and why did it happen?

The Troubling Case of the Trophy Theft

A TENNIS MYSTERY FOR 9-12 YEAR OLDS.  The Wombleton championship trophy is something any tennis fan would want. But, not everyone would become a thief in order to get it. Can you identify the culprit?

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Presents

A HOLIDAY MYSTERY FOR 10-13 YEAR OLDS. Every Christmas, the mayor of Spruce Valley hands out presents to all of this children. Somehow this year, all of the gifts are missing. Who stole Christmas and why?

The Confusing Case of the Lost Letters to Santa

A PRETEEN HOLIDAY MYSTERY FOR 8-10 YEAR OLDS. The children of Hollytown have written their letters to Santa, but they never arrived at the North Pole. Can you figure out what happened?

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