Halloween Murder Mystery Party:
The Disappearance of Death

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Disappeareance of Death

A Halloween murder mystery with a magical plot. After an international tour, The Great Radinski, world-famous magician, has returned to Mystic Lake for a special Halloween performance. But, his murder was no trick. It was very real.

7 Role Players: 3 men, 4 women
MANY MORE can investigate the case

Last night, The Great Radinski, world-renowned magician and entertainer to royalty, returned to his home on Mystic Lake to perform before a Halloween costume party of friends, relatives and admirers at the nearby Mystic Inn. 

Order Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Disappeareance of Death

As he amazed the crowd with incredible illusions and magic tricks that defied explanation, he suddenly looked at his pocket watch and realized he was late for an important "appointment." He disappeared in a cloud of smoke as individuals in the crowd looked at each other in disbelief.

Fifteen minutes later, a muffled explosion was heard and police arrived to inform everyone that Radinski was dead. His body was found along the shore of the lake.  He had been killed by an explosive device. Only through careful questioning and expert sleuthing would motive and murderer emerge.

A little over a week ago, The Great Radinski had returned home from a triumphant tour of Asia and Europe where he had appeared before packed houses in major cities. European newspapers reported that, in Prague and Budapest, the magician had received death threats in the form of letters that were sent to his dressing rooms. Both letters are in the hands of European authorities, undergoing analysis.

Radinski's fame was assured a decade ago when, live on a BBC broadcast, he made London's Tower Bridge and St. Paul Cathedral disappear, then reappear ten minutes later. It is considered by many to be the greatest illusion ever performed. For years, it had been rumored that Radinski stole the trick from another magician. Those allegations have never been proven.

Born in Poland as Igor Radinski, he had emigrated with his parents to  Mystic Lake. It's said that he also had psychic powers and may have left documents that would help pinpoint the name of the culprit who committed the murder.



One of these suspects is a murderer ...

Gretel Auerhahn
A clock maker from the Black Forest of Germany. She was at the costume party dressed as a cuckoo.

Bertram "Budgie" Benson
An English talent agent and former music hall performer who had worked with The Great Radinski. He was dressed as a desert sheik.

Jenny Featherstone
Radinski's magician's assistant. She lived with him in his Mystic Lake mansion.

Gwendolyn Jones
A Welsh woman who breeds and trains exotic animals for stage and screen. She was costumed as a queen.

Roger Quigley
An Australian whose offices are in Singapore. He claims to be an international trader and was there dressed as a pirate.

Ivan Radinski
First cousin of The Great Radinski. He is a cellular phone entrepreneur focusing his attention on Eastern Europe. He came clad as a Polar explorer.

Baroness Maria Julianna von Hofburg Schlossbrunn
A Hungarian noblewoman who accompanied The Great Radinski during his recent European tour. She was in the garb of Madame Butterfly.

Order Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Disappeareance of Death

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