All-Girl Mystery Party:
The Sizzling Case of
the Soccer Saboteur

All-Girl Kids Mystery Party Game

AN ALL-GIRL MYSTERY FOR 11-14 YEAR OLDS by Andrew West. The championship soccer match is about to start. But, someone has put itching powder in Rebecca Goodkicks' shoes. Who would do such a thing and why did it happen?

8 Suspects: ALL GIRLS
                                    MANY MORE can investigate the case


The rolling cheer of a wave ripples around the stadium and the scent of hot dogs and burgers fills the air. Itís the finals of the All-Girl Starling Cup Soccer Championship - and itís a sell-out! Many in the crowd have traveled hundreds of miles to watchAll-Girl Kids Mystery Party Game the most-anticipated game of the year. The Rolling Hills Bluebirds are playing the Seashell Cove Wildcats, and the winners will be the State Champs! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and everybodyís looking forward to a great game. But things are about to go terribly wrong.

The teams run out to wild applause. Itís tradition for the team captains to shake hands before the game starts. Bluebirds captain Rebecca Goodkicks and Wildcats captain Victoria Smee jog onto the field to roars from the crowd. They go to the center to shake hands, but before they reach each other, Rebecca starts slowing down. She looks uncomfortable. Whatís going on? A few moments later she turns and runs back into the locker room! Is she limping? Whatís happening?

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A few minutes later, Ella Galaxy, the booth announcer, relays the news that the game will be delayed, and groans are heard from everyone. Rebeccaís soccer shoes have been sabotaged with Red Hot Itching Powder! Rebecca needs some time to recover. The Bluebirds coach, Ivana Winalot, is refusing to let her girls play until the mystery is solved and the culprit is found.

The crowd is getting restless. Everybody wants the game to begin. The guilty party must be brought to justice. The local police proclaim the game will be delayed until the case is solved. Everyone has been deputized and is ordered to help find the culprit.


One of these suspects knows what's happening:

Would Rebecca Goodkicks fake the incident to postpone the game and make the Wildcats wonder what's happening?

Maybe Victoria Smee, the Wildcats' captain, did something to prevent the Bluebirds' star from taking the field.

Bluebird goalkeeper Courtney Lately hasn't made many good saves in recent games. Could she want more time to prepare for the championships?

Bluebirds coach Ivana Winalot wasn't sure her team was ready to play - especially after some of the things she found out.

Referee Alison Toomee has access to everything on the field. Some people think she has a reason for wanting the Bluebirds to forfeit the game.

Head Bluebird cheerleader, Lucy Motions, is thinking of switching her loyalties to another team. Everyone knows she likes to cheer for a winner.

Shoe store owner Riba Steps is disappointed that Rebecca didn't purchase her new shoes at the "I've Got Sole" shoe store.

Ella Galaxy, the owner of the stadium, needs publicity to attract a big crowd. The story about the itching powder could make headlines.

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