All-Boy Teen Mystery Party:
The Terrifying Case of
Strange Island

All-Boy Teen Mystery Party Game Kit: The Terrifying Case of Strange Island

AN ALL-BOY TEEN MYSTERY FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS by Dilan Blue. A group of Young Adventurers is stranded on a desert island. They think they are alone, but the sounds they hear could mean something different. Can you figure out what's going on?

9 Suspects: ALL BOYS
                                     MANY MORE can investigate the case

As the sun was setting yesterday, a group of Young Adventurers, along with their two leaders, were stranded on a desert island. The group’s boat engine had failed while passing Strange Island--a rocky, forested place. The boys paddled the boat to the shore. Commander Dink Plotkins tried, but couldn’t fix the engine and the Adventurers set up camp for the night.

As darkness fell, strange noises were heard over the island - moans, shrieks, cries, and a booming sound. After climbing a nearby hill, two brave Adventurers saw bright, swirling lights over the other side of the island, where the booming noise was coming from.

One group went with Commander Plotkins to investigate the other side of the island, while Assistant Commander Vinglesworth stayed at the campsite with the others. Suddenly, a large, shrieking shape appeared in the trees over the campsite, causing panic in the camp.

On the other side of the island, Commander Plotkins and his Adventurers found a cave that pulsed beams of colored light and emitted loud booms. Tracks and claw marks led from the mouth of the cave to the beach, disappearing at the water. Two brave Adventurers volunteered to explore the cave.

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Shortly after entering, they emerged, one so scared he could not speak. The other Adventurer had found a glowing claw in the cave. He was holding it in one hand and his friend with the other.

Commander Plotkins and his Adventurers returned to the campsite to find the others terrified and huddled in their tents. The Adventurer who found the claw offered to stand guard as the shrieking figure above circled throughout the night.

In the morning, the campers found the guard asleep, and the flying creature gone--along with their boat engine. Luckily, one of the boys had successfully activated the boat’s emergency transponder, alerting rescuers. Now, the Chief Investigator has arrived and is asking everyone’s help to figure out what happened.


One of these suspects knows what happened:

Commander Dink Plotkins
He's been known to exaggerate what happens so to impress the Young Adventurers.

Assistant Commander Vinglesworth
He'd love to be in charge, but how would be get Dink Plotkins to leave?

Donovan Seal
All he thinks about is the Adventurer of the Year award. His family has a tradition of bringing the honor home.  

Rooster Evans
He’s the only one who got a good look at the “cave monster.”

Stevie Screen
He loves scary movies and is working on his own production.

Plub Eatsweets
He's an amateur ventriloquist and the others kid him about being scared of just about everything.

Tommy Minky
He loves a good joke and doesn't take anything seriously.

Zeb Bytes
He's a genius when it comes to technology and can figure out how to do just about anything.

Gramble Wheadthin VII
He comes from a long line of famous explorers and is a debate champion.

Order All-Boy Teen Mystery Party Game Kit: The Terrifying Case of Strange Island

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